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  • WqcrDggsjzkcihOsgG Osoba: Edita Hrbáčková

    Well done guys. What an awemose achievement. We salute you all!!The unselfish and courageous sacrifice of a few makes a difference to many. Regards, Stuart

  • YYZtULfOckr Osoba: Edita Hrbáčková

    sterppris @AmaniArk sterppris everywhere would become famous, haha too bad most of them can't dance like this.

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    Paula Murphy - When I heard the story of the proposal it gave me goose bumps. I knew Josh & Lindsey were made for each other. These pructies really make you feel like you shared that special moment with Josh & Lindsey. Love you guys!

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    Only thing missing from Vegas Stripper University was my hbsaund!!! I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel room and show my hbsaund all the new moves I learned from the Professor. I learned more from this University than I have in any school! Ha! Greatest part about it was that after the class I decided to have a pole & stage delivered to our suite to surprise my hbsaund and what a great idea. We both got what we wanted!!! Now he’s buying me a pole & DVD so I can bring Vegas Stripper University home to Kansas. Never say never. Las Vegas Stripper University covers everything when it comes to poles. Classes, pole rentals, pole sales, and studio rental for private parties need I say more.

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    I'm so glad I found my sutolion online.

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    Hi my brave friends! It's just INCREDIBLE that you are ricnheag the north pole already today!! you are the best! Congratulations in advance! You will have a big and well deserved celebration tonight and we will be waiting for you tomorrow at the hotel, I have being missing you guys and I'm so looking forward to see you again and hear detalis about your trip Welcome back! Cheers for you

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    That hnapeped to meThat also hnapeped to me once. I was reading a very interesting book that no one I knew had. So I was really desperate to find someone to talk to about this book. Until I saw a girl reading it in a coffee place. I went up to her and asked her how the book was and after that we where talking for hours..really nice experience! I say just go for it..theres nothing to loose.

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    Knowing that I would be going to vegas for my birthday I ooekld on Groupon for some good deals and I stumbled upon Vegas Stripper University's groupon deal. $19 for an hour long show ticket! I had never taken a stripper class and I was kind of skeptical at first but after reading about it and all the reviews I called up my girls and forced them to buy each buy one! We called immediately to ook our class and they placed us in for the exact time we wanted! When the time came and we arrived at the studio, which was located right off the strip, we walked into a gorgeous studio! The instructor came out and greeted us and told us to come up with a stripper name for our diploma. SuperSoaker is the name she gave me lol she was full of personality. The class was amazing! I was worried it would be hard but she went step by step and got us a lot more comfortable. It was a great workout! at the end we did a little performance and then we were awarded with our diplomas and got to take a bunch of pictures! It was great!I definitely reccommend this studio! Theres no doubt that you wont have a great time!