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Počet obyvatel: 94 298

Osoba: František Španbauer

Osoby lze z databáze dohledat jen podle jména a příjmení. Může se stát, že existují dvě různé osoby se stejným jménem a příjmením, které se účastní komunální politiky v dané obci. Navíc byly změněny formáty dat. Dříve nebyly zvlášť sloupce pro tituly.

2010NeFrantišek Španbauer64chemikBez politické příslušnosti
2002NeFrantišek Španbauer56chemikČeská strana sociálně demokratická
1994AnoFrantišek ŠpanbauerČeská strana sociálně demokratická
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  • fLdadzhLKkYNmVr

    Mike C-NJ: Great concert reorpt..from a runners point of view . You will do fine in Philly despite your 2nd hand smoke encounter Have fun on Sunday.. I will be logging hopefully 14 or so myself that morning.. Knowing others are going farther that morning will help get me out of bed at 4am to get ready.. Dean (on a side note), I'm amazed at how my mindset has changed with respect to running. I've actually started thinking about ultras and shooting for 2010 to do my first. My eyes were opened to a number of ultra events that take place here in New England that I never heard of. Some have been going on for quite some time. Thanks for helping to expose the world of ultramarathoning.. I've now read countless accounts of other endurance junkies and their amazing stories.. You do good work man!..This blog is an amazing source of inspiration So many pushing themselves to new levels of fitness and endurance. Great stuff!! Do I have a point here.. well no..lol.. just my long winded way of saying thank you and thanks to all who share their adventures in running here!!

  • MlLGsumFVIL

    Low, raunchy whtsile!Dean best of luck! Can't wait to hear about your adventures!Vickie Great race report!Spurgeon glad you're recovering well! Great job on running so soon after! How's your daughter doing out in the LA area? I hope she's in a safe area.Janice I was just thinking of Radu too. Where are you Radu? We miss you! Make sure you get some rest in for your next races!Hope everyone is doing well.I hope ever